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Wanbond pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the group") is a Shenzhen main board pharmaceutical manufacturing listed company (stock code 002082) with its main business as a large health industry focusing on pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical devices, and its headquarters is located in Wenling, Taizhou, Zhejiang. It has won the top 500 private manufacturing enterprises in China in 2020 (No. 341).
Industrial sector of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group

The medical device industry should create the characteristic advantages of wanbond medical devices, mainly engaged in the development of high-end medical devices, medical equipment services and the provision of hospital engineering services. The main products and services include orthopedic implant devices, medical equipment and hospital engineering services, disposable sterile medical polymer consumables and protective articles, Give full play to the international market advantages of medical devices in South Africa and open up both international and domestic markets. The company has a number of technical R & D backbones specialized in polymer materials, medicine, molds, mechanical automation, etc. the technical R & D team has a high professional technical level and rich industry experience. Mastering a number of core technologies in the medical device industry is conducive to further improving product competitiveness and product added value. The medical device sector has 151 patents, including 27 invention patents and 61 utility model patents.
In recent years, the company has introduced high-end medical device industrialization technology from South Africa and settled in Wenling, Zhejiang Province through the international development road of "going out and bringing in", creating a provincial key project "wanbond - China Africa Medical Science and Technology Park". In 2021, the park will integrate the intensive and intelligent production of domestic polymer medical products, benchmark the international safety and epidemic prevention injection, invest and complete 10 automatic syringe production lines, and design an annual production capacity of 1 billion.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector: wanbond Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

Medical devices: wanbond Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Wanbond Pharmaceutical Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of modern traditional Chinese medicine, raw materials and preparations. It has the production capacity of 14 dosage forms such as dropping pills, tablets, capsules, granules, oral solutions, small volume injections and large volume injections, as well as the extraction of chemical raw materials and traditional Chinese medicine, It is one of the pharmaceutical enterprises with more drug dosage forms in China, with 164 products and 184 drug approval numbers, forming a product pattern characterized by natural botanical drugs, focusing on cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and nervous system drugs, and developing drugs in the fields of respiratory system, mental system, digestive system and so on. 68 varieties and specifications have entered the 2018 edition of the national catalogue of essential drugs, 101 varieties and specifications have entered the 2020 edition of the national catalogue of basic medical insurance, and 14 varieties have entered the procurement catalogue of common drugs outside the catalogue of essential drugs of grass-roots medical and health institutions in Zhejiang Province. It has two core products with full intellectual property rights: huperzine a raw material and injection pioneered in the world and ginkgo leaf dropping pills, a protected variety of domestic traditional Chinese medicine.
The company always adheres to science and technology as the guide, has a perfect R & D system and a R & D team with high professional and technical level and independent innovation ability, and has established "China Pharmaceutical University wanbond Joint Research Center for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine" and "Zhejiang University wanbond Joint Research Center for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine" The "provincial high-tech enterprise research and Development Center for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs" and the national model "academician workstation" belong to the "key high-tech enterprises of the national Torch Plan". In 2020, the company won the "most growing enterprise in China's pharmaceutical industry in 2020" and "top 50 growing enterprises in China's pharmaceutical industry in 2019" "Top 100 Chinese traditional medicine enterprises in 2019", "top 100 Chinese national medicine brand enterprises in 2019", "top 100 Chinese patent medicine enterprises in 2020 of China traditional Chinese Medicine Association" and other honorary titles. The registered trademark of the company is recognized as a well-known trademark in China.
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