Pioneering and innovative, caring for life
Wanbond pharmaceutical holding group should speak for China's top scientific and technological drugs, take love as the flag and innovation as the wing, and open up a world in China's pharmaceutical field.
Development and Innovation: innovation brings growth to wanbond pharmaceutical holding group and health to mankind. Wanbond pharmaceutical holding group creates core competitiveness through innovation, pioneers Ginkgo biloba dropping pills, huperzine A total synthesis, calcium citrate tablets and other products, creates a "blue ocean" in the competitive pharmaceutical industry, escorts the development of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group and contributes to the cause of human health. Wanbond pharmaceutical holding group advocates not individual heroic innovation, but team innovation and systematic innovation; Wanbond pharmaceutical holding group needs not only technological innovation, but also management innovation and concept innovation.
Caring for life: caring is the motto of every wanbond people, which is "love overflows in the heart" and "love overflows in the line". Wanbond pharmaceutical holding group cares for users with excellent product quality, employees with a broad development platform, shareholders with rich financial returns, and society with responsible environmental protection actions. Life needs love, love makes life.
Innovating modern traditional Chinese medicine to serve public health
Build a century old brand and build an excellent enterprise
Ensure that shareholders' earnings continue to return to society

Innovate modern traditional Chinese medicine and serve public health: "health itself comes from nature." wanbond pharmaceutical holding group is characterized by natural plant medicine and carries out innovation on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, which is a major feature of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group's product positioning. Ginkgo biloba dropping pills, huperzine A and Tongjingning are all changes in traditional Chinese medicine products, which is also the leading trend of innovation of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group.
Building a century old brand and building an excellent enterprise: establishing a century old brand is not only the development orientation of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group, but also the dream of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group. Wanbond pharmaceutical holding group aims to pursue sustainable development through excellent quality, excellent technology, excellent culture and excellent market.
Ensure shareholder income and continue to repay the society: the attention to shareholders reflects the value orientation of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group. Wanbond pharmaceutical holding group creates value for shareholders and society with rapid development, rich returns and steady company development.
Scientific and technological innovation act now
Fine operation value orientation
Scientific and technological innovation, people first:
innovation should pursue customer orientation, and the innovation required by public health is the innovation that wanbond pharmaceutical holding group should pay attention to. As the primary value of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group, scientific and technological innovation also reflects the perseverance and determination of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group in its unremitting pursuit of innovation.
Act immediately and give priority to the results: Wanbang advocates "talking about heroes with practical work" and "it's better to look like doing than shouting at your voice". Immediate action is the common value of cadres and employees of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group. It is better to act immediately than to think hard, and a whip is better than a thousand words.
Fine operation, quality first: the pursuit of quality is the special requirement of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group's products. It is an enterprise that realizes fine quality with fine operation and fine management.
Value orientation, environmental protection first: environmental protection is the premise of the value orientation of wanbond pharmaceutical holding group. The pursuit of public health cannot be based on the premise of damaging the public environment, otherwise it will be abandoning the basics.
Seeking truth, quality, innovation and efficiency
Seeking truth from facts: being pragmatic and realistic, not seeking false fame, and opposing any formalist ideas and practices.
Innovation: pursue innovation and excellence on the basis of truth-seeking, never-ending and never-ending.
Quality: pursue high decision-making quality, high work quality, high product quality and high service quality.
Seeking efficiency: management pursues high efficiency, operation pursues high efficiency, and work must be effective.
1. Be proud of loving the company and ashamed of damaging the company;
2. Be proud of development and innovation and ashamed of being unwilling to forge ahead;
3. Be proud of your dedication to your post and ashamed of passing the buck;
4. Be proud of active hard work and ashamed of negative slack;
5. Be proud of unity and mutual assistance and ashamed of benefiting yourself at the expense of others;
6. Be proud of being honest and trustworthy and ashamed of forgetting righteousness for profit;
7. Be proud of compliance with regulations and disciplines, and be ashamed of violation of regulations and disciplines;
8. Be proud of cherishing resources and ashamed of wasting waste.
Enterprise mission
Enterprise vision
Core values
Enterprise spirit
Employees' life values, honor and Disgrace
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