|Contract business knowledge training|
In order to further improve the business knowledge of the contract employees of wanbond group, prevent contract risks and ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of the company are not damaged, wanbond group held the first special training on contract business knowledge on June 23, with a total of 83 participants from contract management personnel, procurement personnel, sales personnel and other relevant positions of the group and its subsidiaries.

Main venue of headquarters

Cai Xinmiao, the group's legal director and postdoctoral of China University of political science and law, served as the lecturer. It focuses on the interpretation of enterprise legal risks, common contract business legal risks and wanbond contract business operation specifications, and requires all contract practitioners to strictly implement the red line requirements specified by the legal department of the group in the process of contract signing, do not violate or conflict, and legally safeguard the interests of the company.

Video branch venue

In order to ensure the effectiveness of this training, wanbond group also carried out in class closed book examination to further consolidate everyone's contract business knowledge and improve their awareness of legal risk prevention.